Sep 05

Cheering Up Your Friends Who Aren’t Feeling Well

Being ill is no fun, but even worse is being stuck at home (or in the hospital) all by yourself while you’re feeling horrible.  When friends come by to cheer you up, it can make a huge amount of different in how you feel.  Even a quick phone call from a concerned friend can get your mind off how horrible you feel for a few minutes.  If you’ve got a sick friend or family member, you know they need a little cheering up.  Here are a few things you could do.

Go visit them.  In addition to being able to help them with anything they might need around the house (such as taking the dogs out or making them a snack), just being there will be a big help.  A good visit with a friend will cheer them up and get their mind off the illness.

Before you go visit, give them a call for two reasons.  First, make sure they’re up for visitors.  They may feel so badly that they don’t want visitors.  Second, you can ask if they need anything.  You can stop by the store or run other little errands for them that they might not be able to do.

Offer to bring them lunch or dinner.  If the person lives alone, there may be no one to fix them a can of soup, and they might be so sick that they don’t have the energy to cook.  Sometimes, even walking to the kitchen to microwave something can be exhausting.

If you can’t visit yourself but you know someone else is going to visit them (a co-worker or mutual friend), send something along.  It could be just a simple card or a small snack, but it shows the sick person that people are thinking about them, and that means a lot.

Of course, you can always have us deliver some get well flowers!  We have a huge selection of bright blooms that are sure to help cheer anyone up.  Let us deliver your get well flowers to Kansas City, MO, residents today.

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