Feb 12

Don’t Disappoint Her This Year! Focus on Feelings!

HW0_247396Men, have you felt like (or been flat out told) that you failed at Valentine’s Day?  This holiday can be one of the most frustrating for guys because it seems like it’s a minefield.  Forget flowers?  You may be sleeping on the couch!  Got her chocolate?  Well, she eats them, but then she complains that you’re making her fat.  Uh-oh…is there any way to win?  Yes!  This year, don’t disappoint her.  Instead of focusing on what you get her, focus on the feelings behind each gift and activity.

Going out to an expensive restaurant for dinner, for example, may be an OK event, but what if you spent the time cooking her favorite meal?  That shows several things.  One, it speaks to your knowledge of what she likes.  Two, it shows that you’re willing to put in a little extra work to woo her.  It also gives you the chance to really show off your romantic side by sitting a table that features roses, candles, and good china (or at least something other than paper plates). 

Getting a gift to go with your bouquet of flowers (and yes, you should definitely send her flowers or bring a bouquet home with you) is a great idea, but again, the more personal the gift, the better.  If she likes stuffed teddy bears, great, but if she doesn’t, don’t pick one up just because it seems like you should.  Some women would rather get a box of chocolates, although if your significant other is dieting, this may be a bad idea. 

No matter what you do, don’t just do something because it seems traditional and expected.  Go out of your way to really think about each and every thing you plan for this Valentine’s Day.  Incorporate little touches like her favorite flower, favorite wine, or favorite activities.  Or do something unexpected.  For example, plan a romantic scavenger hunt that starts when she comes home and finds a single red rose with the first clue attached to it.  The clue could have her searching the bedroom for a gift and the next clue.  This clue might send her to a store where you’ve pre-arranged to have another gift waiting.  The clue there could send her to meet you at a restaurant for dinner.  It’s fun, different, and shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into Valentine’s Day.

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