May 03

How to Send Flowers that Match Mom’s Personality

It’s a foregone conclusion that sending your mom flowers on Mother’s Day is a great idea.  What isn’t such an easy decision is picking the flowers to send.  Sure, there are a number of different arrangements specifically designed for Mother’s Day, but many of these bouquets use different flowers.  Which ones are right for your mom?  Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect flowers for your mother.

Is she a girly girl?  Some women are more into pink, bows, and hearts than others.  If your mom is what many would call a girly girl, she would enjoy any arrangement that features a cute animal, bright pink and purple flowers, or other traditional “girl” type things.

If, on the other hand, your mom loves gardening or working outdoors, you might want to look for a live plant or an arrangement that she can later plant outdoors.  This has the extra advantage of giving her a gift that will last for years instead of only a few weeks or so.  Every time she sees the lovely plant you got her, she will think of you.  If you want to get her a traditional bouquet, however, you might want to go with one that comes in a rustic basket and features bright blooms like sunflowers.

Anyone creative or artistic will like arrangements made up of very colorful flowers or exotic flowers.  You can also pick one of the wilder or expressive vases instead of a traditional glass vase.  Ask your florist to really get creative here or look at mixing and matching some flowers that you don’t traditionally see together.

If you know your mother’s favorite color (and every child should!), you can always base your flower selection around it.  Selecting flowers in that color and surrounding them with complimentary colored blooms can make the decision process easier, especially if you have a trained florist helping you.

These tips should get you started on the right path to selecting an arrangement that fits your mom’s personality.  If you need more help, consult with your florist.  He or she an help you create a custom-made arrangement that is perfect for your mother.

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