Nov 07

Making the World Better…One Bouquet at a Time!

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everything has gone wrong?  The world is collapsing, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do to fix it.  Then there’s a knock at the door, and someone is standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for you!  Suddenly, everything doesn’t seem so bad.  That’s what flowers can do: they can make the world a better place!  While we can’t change the world instantly, we can try to make it better, one bouquet at a time.

Why do flowers make us feel better?  There are a number of theories.  Some say it’s the bright colors.  Who can be sad around happy sunflowers, cheerful daisies, or gorgeous red roses?  Others love the smell of flowers.  Just one sniff and they’re transported to a happy place where the world just doesn’t seem nearly as bad.  For others, it’s not the flowers themselves but thoughts of the one who sent them that does it.  Whatever the reason, flowers have a profound effect on people.

The next time you know someone is having a horrible day, why not make their world a little better by sending them a bouquet of flowers?  You don’t have to send them a huge arrangement.  A small bouquet is just as great as a huge one when you’re having a horrible day.

Need help picking an arrangement?  Let us give you a helping hand with your flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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