May 08

Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  One of the biggest parts of the day seems to be the meal.  While it’s not like Thanksgiving or Christmas, taking mom out to eat or cooking her a meal is part of how most people celebrate Mother’s Day.  So what are you doing for mom?  Here are a few ideas for your Mother’s Day meal.

If you’re going out:
•    Go to mom’s favorite restaurant.
•    Go to a restaurant that’s having a special Mother’s Day brunch or menu.  Moms usually get a special treat at these restaurants.
•    Make your reservations early!
•    Think about going to brunch.  This early meal can help you avoid crowds.
•    Likewise, a late lunch or early dinner is fine if mom’s okay with it.

If you’re cooking dinner:
•    Ask mom what special food she’d like to have.
•    Plan the menu in advance so you’re not stressing over it.
•    Buy what groceries you can early so you aren’t scrambling through the grocery store on Sunday morning.
•    Have some healthy snacks (and some sweets) on hand for after lunch or dinner.  That way, you’ll have something to munch on while chatting with mom.

Like most holiday meals, Mother’s Day lunch or dinner cam be a little stressful if you’re not prepared.  It’s not that hard, though, with some preparation and thought.

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