Jul 17

Put a Smile on Someone’s Face Today

There are many different ways to make someone smile.  Doing so can also make you feel great about yourself, plus it helps forge a stronger relationship between you and the other person.  If you’re looking for a few easy ways to make someone smile, here they are!

Tell someone they look nice.

If you see someone struggling with carrying things, give them a hand.

Volunteer.  Nothing puts a smile on volunteer coordinators and others who give of their time to see some new help.  You’ll also put a smile on the faces of those you help.

Give someone a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  For example, if someone is so busy at work that they can’t get away for lunch, bring them a sandwich or a snack.

Send someone flowers.  This is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face!

Be positive.  Talking with someone about something you’re both interested in can be fun and will bring a smile to someone’s face, but not if they’re talking to someone who is negative about everything.  Try to have an upbeat attitude and people will naturally smile when they are around you.

If you know there’s a chore your spouse doesn’t like doing, step in once in a while and do it.  Do the laundry, pick up after the kids, put away the dishes…your spouse will reward you with a smile (and perhaps more).

Smile at someone!  The best way to get a smile is to give one first.

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