Jun 12

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday.  Have you bought Dad a gift yet?  There’s still time!  Sometimes, Dad is one of the hardest people to buy for.  However, we’ve put together a short gift guide to give you some ideas.

A lot of dads love electronic toys, and there are plenty on the market today.  If your dad needs a new cell phone, get him an iPhone or a new Android.  Tablets like the iPad are also very popular.  Dads who read a lot might enjoy a Kindle.

Does dad have a big screen TV?  While large televisions are still expensive, you can find a 32-inch flat screen for a very reasonable price.  If Dad has one of those, how about a blu-ray player or a collection of his favorite movies and TV shows on DVD or blu-ray?

If Dad loves to cook, get him some grilling items.  Maybe even buy him a new grill if he needs one.  Of course, if he’s a wiz in the kitchen all year round, get him some new pots and pans or a new knife set.

Does Dad hunt or fish?  If he does, hook him up with a new pole, lures, a tackle box, and other fishing supplies.  Who knows, maybe he will catch a whopper and grill it up for you.

Fathers who enjoy sports need good equipment.  Buy dad some new golf clubs, a new catcher’s mitt, or a new tennis racket.

Many men love having a nice glass of wine or expensive imported beer with a meal.  Pick up a nice vintage for your dad to enjoy next time your parents have a dinner party or the next time they celebrate a special event.

Some dads do like flowers, and we have several arrangements designed for men.  We also have gift baskets full of gourmet fruits and candy.  Let us help with your Father’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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