Jan 31

Little Ways to Make Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks!  Hopefully, you’ve already got your plans laid out and reservations made.  While you’re setting up the perfect Valentine’s Day date, be sure to think about the little things you can do to make it truly special.  Anyone can buy a dozen roses and make a reservation at a restaurant.  If you really want to make your date special, you need to add a few small touches to make it really personal.

How can you do that?  Here are a few things ways to make a date special:

Even though a dozen red roses are traditional, they may not be personal.  If you know she doesn’t particularly like roses or that she loves a different flower, get her those flowers.  Another way of adding a bit of extra flair to your Valentine’s Day flowers is to have them delivered to her office.  Imagine her delight when she gets a large bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered in front of her coworkers.

Select a restaurant that has a special meaning for the two of you.  Maybe it’s her favorite place to eat, or maybe it was where you had your first date.

Another way of making the date special is to go with a personal date.  Stuffed animals and jewelry are pretty traditional gifts.  How about going with something really different?  For example, if she loves a particular author, try to hunt down a signed book.  If she collects something specific, try to find a piece or two that she doesn’t have.

If you really want to make the date special, think about doing something instead of the whole “dinner and an activity” idea.  For example, set up a special date at home.  Cook a romantic dinner yourself, then watch a movie together.  Another option might be to stay home and play your favorite games or take a walk in the park.  Do something that’s special to the two of you.

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