Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Let’s have some fun on St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s one of the few holidays where it seems like there’s nothing obligatory except for wearing green.  You don’t have to do any stressful shopping, there are no decorations to put up, and a lot of people don’t even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at all.  You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the day, especially since the way St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the U.S. is an interesting mixture of traditional Irish customs and American twists.

Many people have fun on St. Patrick’s Day by hitting the bars.  Many will serve green beer and have live entertainment and other special events.  There are usually a lot of parades, especially in cities with a large Irish population.

Some cities even tint local rivers or lakes green for the day.  That can be fun to see, and if the weather permits, you can have a picnic nearby.

Don’t forget to wear green and pinch those who don’t!  Although they might not think that’s very fun.  Putting a shamrock in your lapel is another tradition and is the origin of the phrase “wearing of the green.”

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