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St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Almost every holiday has some sort of tradition associated with it, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  While most people know about wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, here are some other traditions associated with March 17th that you might not know about.

Many people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day.  According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock, or the clover, to explain the Christian Trinity.  He found it to be the perfect visual aid when describing how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were all just different parts of the same God.  His followers soon started wearing shamrocks on St. Patrick’s feast day.

Because of his connection to Christianity, many churches hold special St. Patrick’s services or events.  For this day, the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol that many observe during the season of Lent are lifted.

Green wasn’t the first color associated with St. Patrick—it was blue.  However, because of his use of the shamrock, people slowly started wearing green instead of blue.  This custom dates back as early as the 17th centry, and it came to the U.S. in 1737 when the first St. Patrick’s Day event was held in Boston.  It’s interesting to note that while wearing green is now a St. Patrick’s Day tradition around the world, it’s not in Ireland.  In fact, it’s considered unlucky to wear green there!  Now, you’re likely to get pinched (another tradition that is more American than Irish) if you don’t wear green!

Many people enjoy drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Many pubs tint their beer green just for this day.

St. Patrick’s Day parades and other events are held in many cities, especially those with a large Irish population.  Green tinted foods and beverages are served, and some cities even tint local rivers green for the day.

The traditional meal of St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage.  Originally, it was cabbage and bacon, but Irish immigrants moved to the U.S., corned beef was substituted because bacon was too expensive.

Do you have your green outfit ready for Saturday the 17th?  Ready for some cabbage and corned beef?  How about a cold beer?  Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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