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Different Kinds of Valentine’s Day Dates

What kind of date do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year?  Many people go with the traditional: dinner and a movie or concert.  However, you don’t have to follow the crowd.  There are many different types of dates.

The Stay-At-Home Date:  Cook her a romantic dinner and then snuggle on the sofa and watch your favorite movie.  You could also play games or just spend the evening talking.  For your dinner, you don’t necessarily have to do a candlelit meal.  You could have a picnic on the floor or even order a pizza if that’s what you both want.

The Walking Date:  Go out to dinner, but then take a stroll through the park or downtown area.  Some cities have plaza areas where musicians play and you can get coffee or shop.  Walk under the stars and enjoy each other’s company.

The Prince Charming Date:  After a romantic meal, take her for a horse-drawn carriage ride.  Be sure to start the date out with a bouquet of red roses, and once you return home, present her with your version of the glass slipper (a necklace, bracelet, or whatever gift you know she will love).

The Flashback Date:  Recreate your first date or your first Valentine’s Day date by going to the same restaurant and doing the same or a similar activity.  Finish the date off by reminiscing about your relationship and what you love about her.

The Online Date:  Will you and your significant other be separated on Valentine’s Day?  If you both have internet access, have an online date.  You can chat via instant messenger or even hook up webcams so you can see each other.  There are a number of free programs like Skype you can use for this.  If you both play the same online game, you can even go on a virtual date together.

The Non-Valentine’s Day Date:  If Valentine’s Day just isn’t for you, you can always celebrate by not celebrating.  For some people, this is actually a tradition.  Order in and watch TV all night.  Or you could have a party for all of your friends who don’t really get into this holiday.

No matter what kind of date you have, make it personal and romantic.  You don’t have to go big, but do pay attention to all the little details.  She will like any bouquet of flowers you get her, but she will love it if you get her an arrangement of her favorite flowers.  Likewise, any restaurant is great, but going to her favorite or one that has significance to the two of you makes it that much better.

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