Dec 28

New Year’s 2012 Events

Where will you be ringing in the New Year on Saturday?  There are a lot of different events going on.  Will you go to a large city-wide event, or will you hang out with your family or a few friends?

Many different organizations are hosting large parties on New Year’s.  For example, CrazyKC.com and 95.7 The Vibe are hosting NYE 2012 at the Temple.  Billed as the “craziest new year’s eve party in the Midwest,” you can be sure it will be a New Year’s to remember!  The Hyatt Regency Downtown is also putting on a large event featuring four different entertainment sections plus a laser show.  Dinner and overnight accommodations are also available.

However, these events are obviously geared towards the younger crowd or those without families.  If you have children, you may want to stay home and have your own, small celebration.  In fact, you could host a celebration for your children and your friends’ children.  This may give other parents a chance to enjoy New Year’s, especially if they have been unable to find a sitter.  Plus, even though you’re giving up your New Year’s Eve, you’re accruing favors.  The next time you want to go out, you’ll have several potential sitters to call!

Of course, you can also host your own adult party.  While this means you might have to clean the house and make some sort of snacks, it also means you don’t have to get out in the cold, deal with traffic and parking, or pay the entry fee for an event.  Instead, you can have a mellow event, have alcohol or not, and just enjoy your evening.

No matter what you decide to do for New Year’s Eve 2012, make it something you’ll enjoy.

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