Jan 24

It’s Easy to Make a Lasting Impression

Making a lasting impression is actually very easy to do, believe it or not.  The problem is making a good lasting impression.  It’s just as easy to make a bad one as a good one.  Some people take a lot of time and put a lot of work into making a lasting impression, while others wing it and hope their natural charm and wit makes a great lasting impression on someone.

One way of making a good lasting impression is to look nice.  Make sure the clothes you’re wearing don’t have any rips or stains on them and that the colors match.  Have your hair combed nicely and your nails trimmed.  If you’re a woman, sometimes making a good lasting impression does mean wearing makeup.  Don’t go overboard, though—you’ll make an impression, all right, but it might not be a great one.

Another way of making a lasting impression is to be positive and happy.  While we all have our bad days, some people seem to be in a perpetual bad mood.  While you might not believe in auras or energy, it is true that sometimes you just get the impression of negativity from someone.  Try your hardest not to be one of those people, especially when you’re meeting someone new.

If you think back at all the people who made an impression right off, you probably remember those who stood out or had something unique.  These people are usually very individual and have their own style that they’re not afraid to show off.  One example of this is a young person who dresses old fashioned, such as wearing a bow tie, vest, and bowler hat.  Another example might be someone with an eyebrow ring or flashy nose piercing.  Another way of making an impression is to wear unique vintage outfits.

Of course, attitude and what you say can often make more of an impression than how you look.  If you’re rude, constantly interrupt, or speak loudly, you’re likely to make a negative impression very quickly.  People who are polite, honest, and participate in a conversation in an intelligent way will be remembered as such.  Of course, if you’ve recently moved somewhere, your accent may make the biggest impression.  People might ask you to say certain words over and over just because you pronounce them differently.  Just try to grin and bear it!

Actions can also make a lasting impression.  Stepping in and saving a major project or putting a lot of work in to something will make a very favorable impression on your boss and co-workers.  For example, if you’re in charge of organizing a conference, luncheon, or major meeting, you can impress a lot of people if everything goes off without a hitch.  Naturally, the opposite is also true: if the event or project you’re in charge of is constantly plagued with problems, you might make a negative impression on some people.

In personal relationships, it’s also just as easy to make a good impression.  On a first date, for example, show up with a bouquet of flowers and tell her she looks great.  Take her out somewhere nice, and be sure to hold the door for her like a true gentleman would.  That’s all it takes to make a really great impression and score a second date.

Always try to keep in mind what kind of impression your actions, dress, and words will make.  It only takes a second to make a first impression, and while the lasting impression you make might be different, it will only be because you make it different.

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