Feb 10

Choosing Flowers For Valentine’s Day That Make a Great Impression


Two-Lips Bouquet

Selecting the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day may seem easy—go for the bouquet of a dozen red roses!  However, this traditional approach may not fit every woman.   In that case, how do you go about choosing flowers that make a great impression?

Choosing the right flowers often means knowing your recipient’s interests and tastes.  If they love roses, then yes, the traditional dozen roses is going to be perfect.  But if their favorite flower is the lily, they may really enjoy a nice arrangement featuring lilies more.  In this case, a mixture of roses and lilies might be the perfect Valentine’s Day arrangement.  Other flowers that make an impact include tulips, lilies, daisies, gladioli and larkspur. 

The container will make an impression as well.  For some, the vases can be as dramtic as the flowers themselves.  Choose a tulip shaped vase like our Two-Lips bouquet, pictured, to a vibrant red metallic vase, to a flower bouquet in a Miche purse she’ll use and personalize to suit her mood.  Definitely a great impression.

Florists can often create very romantic bouquets around any flower.  All you need to do is ask.  In fact, florists are so creative that you can usually get a winning arrangement no matter what requests you have—color, size, flower, accessory, etc.

When it comes to choosing flowers, put some thought into your selection, you’re sure to make a good impression with your Valentine’s Day arrangement!

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