Mar 07

Facebook is Fun AND Can Save You Money – Learn How!

It seems like you hear about Facebook everywhere these days.  Your kids are on it.  Your co-workers have profiles.  It’s even been a big hit in the theater (the movie “The Social Network” is based on the life of Facebook’s creator).  But do you have a Facebook account?  If not, why don’t you?  There are a number of different benefits to having a Facebook account, and it’s completely free!

Facebook is a social media network.  That means it has several goals.  Originally, Facebook was a way of keeping in touch with friends and family members.  College students were the original audience, but now, Facebook is open to everyone.  You can reconnect with friends from high school, keep in touch with classmates and even your professors, or send messages back and forth with family members who live out of state or even in another country.

Facebook has many fun opportunities for even those who use it only sparingly.  For example, you can create photo albums and share pictures with others, and you can even upload short video clips.  This makes sharing family photos, vacation snapshots, and even work-related images easy.  You can share websites and your interests just as easily.

Another fun aspect of Facebook is the games section.  They’re called apps, and while some of them do provide other functions, many of them are social media games like Mafia Wars and Farmtown.  These games let you share your actions and results with others on Facebook, making them almost a collaborative effort.  Some of them are even built around creating teams of Facebook friends to get ahead.

But there are ways of saving money with Facebook, too.  Many companies have created Facebook fan pages for themselves and their products.  By visiting one of these pages and clicking the “like” button, you can receive updates from that page in your news feed.  These updates might consist of new product information, store savings, and even discount codes.  By using these discount codes, you can save a bundle or take advantage of Facebook-fan-only events.  It’s like being a member of an exclusive club!

Village Garden’s Facebook fan page has a lot of offer our customers.  We post items that we think our customers will like, including links to sites about flowers, the history of holidays like Valentine’s Day, gardening tips, and sometimes just something a little whimsical.  We also post news events like store specials and the occasional discount, so “like” our fan page to keep in the loop!

Join Facebook – www.facebook.com

Our Village Gardens Page: http://www.facebook.com/MyFlorist#!/VillageGardens

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