Feb 11

Make Your Valentine’s Special

With only a few days left before Valentine’s Day, many people are thinking about love and relationships and how to make the day special.  Many people have plans to go to dinner someplace nice, maybe see a movie or go to a concert, and generally enjoy the company of their special someone.  But what can you do to make this night really special?  Here are a few thoughts.

Pick an event that you both will enjoy.  Don’t go to a concert if you know you’ll fall asleep during it.  Yes, there’s something to be said for making the date all about making your Valentine happy, but Valentine’s Day is about both of you being happy.  Be sure that whatever you do, you enjoy it, too.

Recreate a past Valentine’s Day or a past date.  Think about where you went for your first date, first anniversary, or even for your honeymoon.  Go back to the same restaurant, stay at the same hotel, or try to go to a similar event.  Don’t just recreate these memories, though—make new memories to go with them.

Another way you can make this Valentine’s special is to go all out.  Make it a date above and beyond any previous date.  If you usually get her a single red rose, get her two dozen.  Take her to one of the top rated restaurants around.  If you’re planning on spending the night at a hotel, upgrade to a suite.  Go that extra mile and make it a Valentine’s neither of you will ever forget.

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